Why don’t we step in sooner?

Why don’t we step in sooner?
Stepping in sooner


Picture the scene – you’re a manager running a busy team. But one team member isn’t pulling their weight. They used to be a great performer, but you have noticed small frustrations creeping in – their time keeping has slipped, they don’t volunteer for work the way they used to, and they just seem to have withdrawn from the rest of the team. None of the issues on their own are hugely problematic, but they are annoying. What do you do?


The honest response most managers give is ‘probably nothing’. That’s not because the manager can’t be bothered; it’s a very common human response. We all suffer from inertia in situations like this – we just don’t know the best way to tackle it, so we step away from it. It’s how our brains are hard-wired – to step away from potential confrontation and difficult conversations. However, it’s precisely these early moments when we need to step in and have good conversations. Our experience shows us that early resolution is far more likely to be successful. Looked at another way – doing nothing won’t resolve the issue and increases the risk of that problem becoming more serious and harder to resolve.

Here at Tiger HR we really understand the human dynamics behind workplace problems and we are passionate about helping our clients to tackle potential problems at the earliest possible stage to ensure successful outcomes. If you’d like to know more about our range of HR services and how we can help you, please contact Richard Thompson on richard@tiger-law.com.


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Leonie Savory
Leonie is a key part of the legal support that underpins Tiger HR's services. She recently completed 5 years part time study to attain a 2:1 in her LLB with Open University – a course she has combined with raising 2 kids. She is now a Trainee Solicitor with Tiger Law. Since joining Tiger she completed her LLM and LPC with Commendation at the University of Law in Bloomsbury. Her 5 year stint as an advisor at Citizens Advice Bureau means Leonie has exactly the sort of real world experience that makes her ideal for Tiger HR’s down-to-earth philosophy. Leonie has a particular interest in private client work and helps business clients arrange their personal planning to work hand in hand with their business succession strategy.
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