The HR Glossary


Baffled by someone spouting jargon at you or just want to make sure you know exactly what you are saying when you use an HR-related term? 

Our Glossary of HR and Employment Law related terms and definitions is your new friend!

Accelerated Receipt
Additional Award
Associated Employer
Automatically Unfair Dismissal
Basic Award
Change Of Control Clause
Collective Redundancies
Commission For Equality And Human Rights (CEHR)
Commission For Racial Equality (CRE)
Compensatory Award
Compensatory Damages
Constructive Dismissal
Continuous Employment
Contract For Services
Contract Of Employment
Contractual Notice Period
Contractual Retirement Age
Contributory Fault
Direct Discrimination
Disability Discrimination
Disclosure And Barring Service (Formerly The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB))
Discrimination Arising From Disability
Dual Contract
Duty Of Good Faith
Effective Date Of Termination (EDT)
Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC)
Equality And Human Rights Commission (EHRC)
Era 1996
European Works Council (EWC)
Ex Gratia Payment
Garden Leave
Genuine Occupational Qualification Or Requirement
Golden Handcuffs
Golden Handshake
Golden Hello
Golden Parachute
Grievance Procedure (GP)
Gross Misconduct
Indirect Discrimination
Last In First Out (LIFO)
Normal Retirement Age
Occupational Requirement
Payment In Lieu Of Notice (PILON)
Polkey Deduction
Positive Action
Positive Discrimination
Pregnancy And Maternity Discrimination
Probationary Period
Protected Characteristic
Qualifying Period
Re-Engagement Order
Reasonable Adjustment
Reinstatement Order
Restraint Of Trade
Restrictive Covenant
Settlement Agreement
Severance Agreement
Some Other Substantial Reason (SOSR)
Springboard Injunction
Statutory Dispute Resolution Procedures
Statutory Minimum Notice Period
Statutory Redundancy Payment
Substantial Damages
Suitable Alternative Employment
Summary Dismissal
Termination Agreement
Termination Payment
Unfair Dismissal
Vicarious Liability
Wrongful Dismissal

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