Is Outsourcing HR Right for you?

No employer can afford to ignore HR but it's not a simple matter. As your business and your team grow, you will need to consider options for ensuring that you are managing your people effectively and legally.

Tiger HR provides a complete range of HR services and solutions for employers. Like many of our clients when they first spoke to us, you may be unsure what outsourcing a function like HR might really look like in your business. Seb Mattern explains how it works.

Although it is fair to say that HR is a non-revenue generating function, a lack of it can seriously affect your company's productivity, ability to meet commitments and your ongoing growth and ability to attract and retain the best talent in your marketplace. Overlooking regulations or failing to address workplace issues can also land you in expensive legal trouble.

Once your team grows beyond about 5 people, and sometimes even before that, it cannot be ignored.

Let's look at some typical scenarios where an employer realises that they need to put something in place that deals with their HR requirements cost-effectively but professionally.

The Bottleneck

Your company is growing, you've taken on more staff to meet demand. You and your support staff are beginning to feel overwhelmed and something has to give.

Up to now, HR matters have been dealt with by your admin or accounts support, but it's becoming increasingly obvious that this is not sufficient now or for your ambitions for the future. You, and they, need some proper advice and just plain support in dealing with it all. If you are going to employ professionals and expect high standards from them, then you need to make sure that you are reciprocating.

And besides, there is just SO much of it! You may have had one of those sick-to-the-stomach moments when you realised to your horror that there is legislation that affects you as an employer that you simply have no clue about.

Regardless of whether the work overload you are experiencing with general admin matters is directly related to HR or not, it's a great option to consider for outsourcing in order to ease the pressure on the business as a whole.

You are probably not ready to employ a fully-qualified HR professional, or the one you have has enough to do and better uses in the business than dealing with routine admin.

That's when an outsourcing arrangement can really be a fast and fantastic solution to lift a whole tranche of regulatory obligations, routine paperwork and general staff management issues up and out of your hair.

Breaking through the admin bottleneck is often where we start with first-time outsourcers who are recommended to us for help.

Typically we will start by analysing your current situation and performing an audit of your provision to produce a "Where you're at" snapshot. From there we can work with you to devise a solution that puts out current fires and then moves on to put sound policies and procedures in place to take you forward.

We can take the actual work on or provide support to internal staff. The point is to make sure that it works for you and fits your company culture. And your budget, which may not be that great at this point in your business cycle.

The Parachute

OK, so the HR heat is already on and you need help yesterday! You may be facing one or more of these typical scenarios:

    • You've won an important contract and it's all hands on deck - plus an intake of new people - to deal with it. Exciting times - but suddenly HR is something that needs serious attention. Scheduling and resourcing need attention to meet with spiking workloads.

    • The person who usually deals with your people management is off the map temporarily or permanently.

    • You have expanded into other premises and are now operating the business from more than one location, maybe even internationally. You can't be everywhere at once and you need to make sure that all your employees are properly managed.

    • A dispute or disciplinary issue has raised its ugly head. You have wisely realised you need a professional on the case, someone who really knows the law, how things should be done and is trained to deal with difficult situations without turning the drama into an epic, and expensive, crisis.

    • You feel that the business is not performing as you believe it could be, productivity is not what it should be and in all honesty, your investment in salaries is not delivering good returns. But what to do?

    • Your company is clearly evolving from a situation where it has been led by one or two key individuals who have overall responsibility for all areas and, basically, do the thinking for the entire business. But it's clear it's getting too big for that to work any more and it's time to get some professional HR management in place. But are you ready to recruit a full-time HR Director? No? We can supply that function for you, with or without an in house presence, at far less cost than finding and hiring that level of expertise entails.

    • Your Employee Handbook is gathering dust and mainly useful for wedging the back door shut on windy days. It's a KEY DOCUMENT that is the absolute lynchpin of smooth staff relations, your protection against dispute and at its best, your warm, reassuring and informative welcome to newcomers. Don't let it lapse into dull oblivion!

    • You are worried that your management staff are in the front line with their teams and may not be well enough supported or sufficiently qualified to deal with all that entails. The potential for problems to arise is becoming very obvious, maybe they already have.  You realise you need clear policies that standardise fair and compliant practice across the business so that everyone has clarity about rights and responsibilities without sacrificing good and informal internal culture.

    • You've got a tough interview situation to deal with. Whether it's a dispute situation, a disciplinary meeting or a recruitment process for an important hire, you know it needs a fully professional approach. We can come in and conduct the process or chair a staff meeting enabling you to engage as you see fit without the worry of whether or not the thing is being done right.

The simple and effective answer to swiftly dealing with these issues is to call in Tiger HR. We are adept parachutists, ready to listen, analyse and work out a solution that will be effective quickly.

The "Big HR" Escapee

We've seen the Escapee situation all too often. You signed up to what looked like an effective solution with an HR consultancy but it really didn't work for you and your people. Too impersonal, too much of their way and not enough sensitivity to your vision for the business and your culture. Too expensive, too locked in. You want out.

If you are lucky we catch you before you sign on the dotted for a multi-year contract - a typical requirement by some of the bigger names in the industry. Even if you are signed up, if you are really concerned that your contract is not delivering what you need or what was promised, talk to us, with the backing of our sister company Tiger Law, we may be able to help.

If however you have kept your pen in your pocket and thought to yourself "There must be a better way to do this", you are right - call us now!

Tiger HR does not impose a lock-in on you to access our services. You can start with us for only a few hours a month and we'll work with you flexibly.

Big issue to deal with? A spike in workloads that needs the staff to meet it? Your HR Manager is on leave? We'll step in as and when you need it and grow or shrink the solution we agree with you as circumstances change.

Case Studies

Tiger HR provides services for businesses of all sizes right from the early days when there are only 5-10 employees through to large workforces spread across multiple locations.

If you are considering filling a senior HR role in your organisation outsourcing is an alternative that is well worth putting on the table for consideration.

 Larger organisations often need specialist expertise and qualifications in one or more areas. Your incumbent professional is, say, fantastic and fully occupied with learning and development, or resourcing. Employment Law however is not his or her wheelhouse or there is just not enough time to give it the attention it needs.

With our legal background, Employment Law is a speciality of the house and we can become your watchmen and ensure that every hire and every ongoing relationship has the paperwork it needs to protect you and ensure you are aware of your rights and responsibilities.

Strategic policy making, change management and recruitment and remuneration is another area where larger businesses see the benefit of bringing in our help, especially where change is on the agenda and a fresh look might bring new perspective and ideas.

A Few Case Studies

A franchisee of a major High Street fast food chain was dealing with 500 staff under the written-in-stone regimen supplied by the chain’s HQ. It was simply not commercial enough for his requirements, especially when dealing with disciplinary and and performance-related matters. We took what they had offered him, audited and analysed its effectiveness on the ground and built in a “top-up”

We were helping the director of a large construction supply firm with his succession planning. In the course of our conversations it came to light that, feeling somewhat desperate to find a solution to some current issues and with a need to sort out the company’s Employee Handbook and other routine admin matters, he was about to enter in to a 5-year contract with a well-known HR consultancy. He asked us to take a look at what we could offer as an alternative.

Instead of tying the firm into a contract we provide blocks of hours that can be used flexibly to get the company and its 70-strong workforce shipshape and future-proof.

At other end of the scale, we have a brand new start up with big ideas. They’ve made promises to employees that we now need to manage so we are putting in place new contracts, a handbook, dealing with directors service contracts and shareholder agreements. Our work for them involves all three of our companies in the Tiger Group – IHL (soon to be Tiger to Go) and Tiger Law, working hand in hand to offer a cost effective and protective solution to literally all of their needs.

15 minutes is all it takes

Book 15 minutes with Seb Mattern on the phone and he'll tell you how our HR Services can work for you, your business and your staff without costing you the earth.

Tiger HR: Ready to jump in when you need us

Tel: 01233 227 356

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