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Settlement Agreement

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In civil litigation, an agreement to settle a dispute or provide a release or waiver of claims. In employment law, an agreement (formerly known as a compromise agreement) whereby an employee or worker agrees not to pursue certain statutory employment tribunal claims against a respondent or potential respondent to a claim. Commonly used to record an employee’s terms of departure …

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Severance Agreement

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An agreement to record the terms of an employee’s departure, and the payments to be made to the employee, in return for a waiver of claims against the employer. A severance agreement will only be effective in respect of common-law claims, not statutory employment rights, unless it also meets the statutory conditions for a valid settlement agreement.

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Springboard Injunction

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An injunction to prevent a former employee who has used confidential information to their own advantage from gaining a head start in competition with their former employer. An ordinary injunction would not be effective in such circumstances as the information has been published and is no longer confidential.

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Statutory Dispute Resolution Procedures

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The procedures under the Employment Act 2002 resolve disputes between employers and employees, comprising dismissal and disciplinary procedures (DDPs) and grievance procedures (GPs). The Employment Act 2008 repealed the procedures with effect from April 2009.