Employment Tribunal Decisions Now Online

First instance decisions are now available online, making both employers and employees fully searchable by name, and I wonder what impact there will be on employers and employees..
By Seb Mattern. First published March 2017

Whilst the "cause list" has been available for donkeys', showing what hearings are listed, this is miles away from what Northern Ireland has enjoyed for some time and even further from what has now been launched.

I've redacted names on the screenshot below as it's probably a stressful enough time, but anyone can find out exactly what went down in each of the cases down to the penny...


This new database makes both the employer and employee instantly available in any Google or other online search.


I'm aware that I'm posting a link to a page that I have redacted an image of, but it's up to you to take a look or not at what is already well within the public domain. If you do, you will see the details listed on the page are full employers' names and employees' initials and surnames, making both the employer and employee instantly available in any Google or other online search. Will this have an impact on employers' behaviour on recruitment, so not just searching for Facebook profiles and social media behaviour of candidates but also any claim history ? Will it embarrass bad employers into fulfilling their obligations towards employees ? Will privacy concerns dissuade some potential claimants from lodging claims at all ? Will candidates choose not to work with employers who crop up on the website just a bit too often ?


Historically, decisions of most courts are available on court reporting resources such as www.bailii.org including full case details and decision making in their full glory. I can't think that this has changed the behaviour of many if any parties to litigation. My curiosity here is more about the employment context and possible knock on effects, we've already seen changes coming into play following the introduction of fees and "sifting" so what will the instant availability of information of this nature have a further appreciable and possibly much wider impact ?

So it's more important than ever to ensure you're complying with your legal obligations.
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